ELT406AF Compact Pack Kannad Battery

Hi, our company using Emergency Locator Transmitter 406 AF Compact Pack by Kannad
and we are servicing the ELT because we almost get the deadline to do work…
but I really can’t find something proper manual that i want also, They have been sent by email “2018 KANNAD ELT MAINTENANCE POLICY” in force since January 1st, 2018. New CMMs are no more published online.
So i want to know where can i see the latest manual of this product? and if anyone have it, how do the maintenance or steps etc
please get to know me asap thank you

Hello! Thanks for your question on the Orolia Aviation Beacons. You can visit the ELT support page here:

Near the top of the page there is a link to the partner portal. That is where you can find the user manuals and other documentation. If you don’t have an account already, you can create one using the same link.

I hope this information helps, and if you need further assistance on Kannad ELTs please log a support ticket. Select Aviation as the product line when opening the ticket so your request is properly routed and we can quickly assist you.