Display does not refresh on GSG-8 with Teamviewer remote connection


We would like to use a GSG-8 remotely with a Teamviewer connection.
(We know Teamviewer is not installed on the GSG-8 by default: we own a commercial Teamviewer license, and we installed it on the GSG-8).

Sometimes, when initiating a remote connection, the display is flickering. It seems like applications widowing is not refreshed and this makes the GSG-8 unusable remotely.


Yes, this is a known limitation when using Teamviewer.
The cause of the problem is this:
When there is no monitor connected to the GSG-8 (or a monitor turned off, or in “power save” mode), the graphics card stops updating the display. So, when we try to connect to the GSG-8, the display is not updated and we can’t really do anything with the GUI.

We have 2 workaround for this situation.
1- Leave a monitor connected to the GSG-8.
The monitor has to be turned ON.
In the Ubuntu Power Settings, the “Blank screen” must be set to “Never”

2- Connect a “Dummy Monitor” DP Dongle to the GSG-8
You can buy those Dongles on Amazon (See link Below)
When you connect this Dongle, Ubuntu will see it as a monitor.

Again, in the Ubuntu Power Settings, the “Blank screen” must be set to “Never”.

Link to an example of a “DP Dummy Monitor Dongle”:

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