DC Block

To avoid damage to the SDR, the use of a DC block is recommended in the manual. Does this also apply to use cases when I have an antenna connected to the SDR? Or only with a wired connection to the GNSS receiver?
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Hi @kai

Thanks for your question!

DC blocks are a passive component that can be used to stop DC voltage entering the circuit while allowing RF signals to flow across. They are typically used to prevent damage to RF instruments (such as a spectrum analyzer, antenna, receivers, etc…) as well as SDRs.

The DC block will not affect the antenna’s signal but will prevent voltage differences between devices from entering the circuit.
If you are using a passive antenna, the DC Block will not serve any function, and will not affect the signal.

We recommend that you consult the technical documentation of your antenna to confirm whether the manufacturer requires a DC block.

In most cases, it recommended to use a DC Block.