Approximate Positioning XYZ in Observation file

Hello @Grace , I hope you are doing well.

I have question regarding python convertor tool to RINEX file.

I found something weird with approximate position xyz in the resulted RINEX file using python converter. I always have (1320816.1902 -4320195.0015 4487349.8252) even though I have the configuration with different latitude and longitude. These number seem the default when you open new configuration in skydel.

my question is why Do I still have the same xyz in the RINEX even though I run simulator with different latitude and longitude.
I attached screenshot of latitude and longitude I run in skydel and what do I received as result in RINEX file.

Position_x_y_z.pdf (179.4 KB)

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Hey @alqurask,

yes, hope the same thing for you!

To make a long story short, we just created default Observation file headers (these header files are stored in the resources folder of the tool) that are automatically used by the tool to create new Rinex Observation files.
And the ECEF X,Y,Z values you see are the default values found in the Rinex headers.

You can create your own custom header corresponding to your simulation data based on the format described in this document for Rinex Version 3.

In your case, you can just replace the values in the header line ‘APPROX POSITION XYZ’ with your own X,Y,Z values.
You should get something like:

To obtain the ECEF X,Y,Z values in Skydel, you can refer to the receiver_antenna.csv file when you save the Raw Logging data (please use the ECEF X,Y,Z values from the first row of this file).


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