StartPPS Aborted when using HIL


We are trying to use the HIL feature with a GPS Timing Receiver and have been unsuccessful in our attempts to call StartPPS. Our spoofing instance of Skydel is configured to use our timing receiver and we are able to run a basic simulation without HIL to use it. We are currently using a sync_duration of 2000ms and are unsure of how to debug the StartPPS Aborted error that we are receiving. Are we able to use Skydel’s HIL feature with a GPS Timing receiver on the spoofing instance of Skydel? If we choose to use the Computer timing mode our simulation starts and runs just fine when using HIL on our spoofing instance.


Hi @grote ,

we wanted to let you know that we were able to reproduce the error on our side.
We are investigating and hope to have a solution for you soon.

Thanks for your patience,


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