Extended (Speed) Limits Option

I, as the primary faculty member at UNB for OAPP, can run a simulation of a receiver in an Earth-orbiting satellite but my student gets this error message: “Extended limits option needed to unlock maximum velocity.” I presume this has to do with the COCOM 600 m/s speed limit. We haven’t connected any hardware to our computers yet and are running with Output = None. Why is my student’s implementation of Skydel limited and mine is not? He needs that capability to simulate the orbit of our CubeSat now under development. Thanks.
(Prof.) Richard Langley

Dear Professor Langley,

Your student should have the right to simulate high velocity. I’ll ask the team to get in touch and send a new license file.

Best regards,


Thanks, Stephane.
– Richard

Hey Richard - As Stephane commented, it looks like this license simply is not enabled on the student license. Let me know on Tuesday morning if you have not received a response or updated license from our team and I will give them a call.