Delayed Start time of Raw data log for Transmitter

Hi community,
I have a question about Start time of raw data log of Transmitter parameters:
when i enable Raw Logging (csv) in my scenario with 10Hz rate i can see, that first epoch in csv file is referenced as 500ms:

How should i synchronize my files with raw file?
for example, scenario start time is 00:00:00
first line of csv file = 500ms corresponds to 00:00:0.5 or to 00:00:00?

Hello @kchereshnev,

Skydel adds a 500ms delay in log files. This offset represents the propagation time between the satellite and the receiver when there is no data transmission. We decided to round this latency to around 500ms for the logging files.

Therefore, you can either add the same offset to your files, to match Skydel’s logging. Or you can manually remove the 500 ms offset in Skydel’s CSV log files to match your CSV files.

Hi @Grace
Thank you for reply.
sorry, but still not clear. I prefer examples:

My receiver logs file in GPS time scale.
Scenario start time is 00:00:00 (GPS, right?)
First line of Skydel RAW data csv file Elapsed time = 500ms (Interference transmitter file!)

Does it correspond to
a. 00:00:0.5 GPS time
b. 00:00:00 GPS time
c. other variant

Hello @kchereshnev,

Yes in your case, the 500 ms elapsed time will correspond to 00:00:0.5 GPS time of the simulation.